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Maison  Opiniat, au service de l'écriture

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Works of art on writing instruments

OPINIAT is the mark of tenacity, of the will to go to the end of its ideas and its convictions. 


Write, note, draw in order to continue with tenacity and perseverance your idea or your project.


Writing with an opiniate is a way to get to the bottom of things.


Offering yourself or an Opiniat pen is the best way to write and make dreams come true.


It is enough to draw inspiration from drawings, paintings and illustrations to make yourself want to do things. 

Works of art, painting and drawing on writing instruments

Discover the collections

A series of editions of several collections 













Writing experience

Write, draw, image and dream, a true writing experience with a pen in your image. Live a unique experience

Lacquer miniature

The body of the pen is decorated, painted and drawn with a finish in the tradition of lacquer, a guarantee of quality and longevity 

Certificate of authenticity

A certificate is issued with each pen, the pens are numbered and in limited edition, a real collection, for this French brand. 

A handmade pen

   All the pens are handmade, first with a wooden lathe and then painted and drawn by hand, all in a pure tradition and in our workshop in France

Living Model Collection 

The act of crunching, of drawing a living model is to crunch a moment of life that you immortalize on your own pen. It’s giving a fingerprint, a ADN to his own pen. The pen is in the continuity of your hand, it is a tool that allows you to transcribe your thoughts. 

Your custom pen 

Our workshop can make your pen to measure and why not image your painting or drawings directly on the body of your pen, a unique opportunity to extend the pleasure of writing or drawing. 

Custom creation
Let’s invent your Plume or Roller pen. 

Why not make your own pen, your writing is unique, and why not your pen.
Drawing or writing is a pleasant act, but even more so with your own pen, if you want to write a novel, your memoirs or maintain your notebook, we can think together about your pen project.
First, we can exchange (free of charge) on the technical feasibility of your project, a painting, a drawing, a writing, everything is possible, finally almost... That is why we will take the time to study and reflect on your composition.